Dorothy Vanburen



Season(s) PASB 2
First seen PASB 2
Last seen PASB 2
Appeared in 15 Episodes
Physical Information
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde (Dyed Grey)
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color Caucasian
Season Information
Team(s) PASB 2- Staff
Placing(s) PASB 2- Builder
Media Information
Roblox Link

Plastics All-Star Battle 2

Dorothy Vanburen first appeared in Plastics All Star Battle 2 driving the contestants to the house. Dorothy was the co-host, builder, and part-time maid of the season. Throughout the season Dorothy was constantly bullied due to her looks by Fire, Icey, TD, Imma, and many others . They'd often Taunt her when she messed up doing something and an unknown person took it as far as to paint Dorothys memory wall picture red and put an axe in it. Due to it, right after Icey beat Voice in the duel, when Voice had her support, She was found dead in the kitchen, Seemingly Murdered. Dorothys death was shocking to some houseguests, while others were relieved. However, the kitchen was closed due to investigation. 

Right before the Merge feast, Fire and Icey find out Dorothy is adopted and decide to tell the other houseguests and make fun of her. Shortle, At Dorothys funeral, the remaining contestants were annoyed and bored. At the end her will is revealed and wants Icey and Fire dead. Shortly after, the contestants were excited when they found out they have merged. After Mighty quit the competition, Dorothy was revealed to be alive having faked her death. 


Dorothy invited all Former PASB Contestants and others to her Sweet 16, which she was hoping, would be the party of the year. To Dorothys shocking surprise, No one showed up, Including her family members. In her sadness, Dorothy hung herself. Her body wasn't found until a week later.